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[KwangJuYo] Heritage MokDan Dessert Black Plate 22


Heritage Mokdan is reinterpreting and adding modern vibe to existing Heritage Line of KwanJuYo. We Introduce brand new concept of "Day and Night's Table" which was the first series of KwangJuYo produced in 1970 and 80s.

Mokdan (Peony) represents the Emperor's blossom, wealth and honor and impartiality and had been used as the typical pattern for the royal family throughout the Joseon Dynasty period.

The porcelain masters of KwangJuYo, with extensive experience and knowhow, carved the surfaces of the peony pattern and beauty of the royal porcelain dramatically, expressing the elegance of traditional handcrafted ceramics delicately.

A flat plate that holds various types of dishes from Korean cuisine to desserts. The luxurious appearance changes the everyday table more delightful. As size (22/17cm) can be selected differently it can be practically make use of depending on food and purpose.

Component - Flat Plate 22 1P

Ingredient - Porcelain

Colour - Black

Care Advice

  • Be careful when handling. There is a risk of damage due to impact.
  • Keep out of reach of infants and children. Special care must be taken when children using it.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes when using ceramics. It will be damaged if ti gets in direct fire.
  • Stop using the product if it has cracks.
  • Do not use dye bleach when washing. If used, the product may be damaged. Wipe clean with a mild detergent.
  • Store after washing to remove moisture.
  • Metal impacts (such as stainless steel cutlery) may leave stains.
  • The heel and fram of the bowl may not be in level. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the contraction process.

For Lacquer ware

  • Even if the lacquer is varnished perfectly on raw wood, it can stretch or shrink to be deformed depending on the characteristics of the wood (humidity, temperature)
  • After usage, wipe clean with squeezed soft cloth soaked in water. Coarse scrubbing with rough textured sponge may cause scratches on the coating. If it is necessary to rinse with water, clean it and then dry cloth or a damp cloth tightly squeezed. If left soaked and untreated for a long time, it may become stained or discolored.
  • It is best to store in a well-ventilated shade after use.