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[Lingtea] 1 Box Lemon flavour 10packs


Taste the difference! LINGTEA is the best hydration powder mix that'll keep you hydrated all day.

  • LINGTEA IS A DRINKING IV LINGTEA is an advanced version of ORS(oral rehydration solution) developed to find the most optimal composition ratio of sodium to glucose under the osmotic pressure principle.
  • LINGTEA IS FAST LINGTEA is a drinking IV fluid, based on its own mix of LHC(Lingtea Hydration Complex). LHC is based on C6H12O6, which accelerates the absorption of water in the body by more than twice, and is a unique formulation of LINGTEA.
  • LINGTEA IS DELICIOUS LINGTEA has become a delicious hydrating drink through long-term experiments and customer survey. Lemon flavor is soft and lusciously fresh, Peach flavor is sweet and aromatic.
  • LINGTEA IS LIGHT LINGTEA is only 35 calories per serving. You can easily hydrate with 1 packet of LINGTEA mixed with 16 oz of water whenever and wherever.