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[No Brand] Citron Tea 2kg


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2 kg citron tea

It is a sweet and sour citron tea that contains high-quality citron and honey from Goheung, Jeollanam-do, which comes to mind when it comes to citron. It contains domestic yuzu and honey, so you can eat it more safely, and it is prepared in a generous capacity of 2 kg so that it can be eaten together. With warm water, you will be able to enjoy freshly sweet citron tea anytime, anywhere. In hot summer, try adding it to cold cider. A refreshing and sweet citron aid full of refreshing sensation will be finished. Enjoy the charm of yuzu, which is delicious whether eaten warm or cold.

How to eat more deliciously

You can drink it with citron tea with hot or cold water, but it is also delicious to eat with salad. Sometimes, when I enjoy it with citron aid with sparkling water, I don't envy other cafes.