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[No Brand] Corn Nuts Bar 120g x 4pcs


Corn nut bar 30g, 4 pieces

This is a no-brand corn nut bar, a snack that will soothe your go-to on a busy day. Almond slices, dried cranberries, roasted cashews, and even peanuts are added to create a richer cereal bar. It was packed with nuts that were not only fun to chew, but also a healthy taste. 30g of corn nut bars, which are easy to eat at a time, are individually packaged, so it's great to take one by one when you go out. Anytime, anywhere, enjoy the strength right away.

It is a corn nut bar that will fill up your stomach even when you go out on a busy morning. You can enjoy a healthier taste by adding various nuts to the cereal bar.