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[No Brand] Cornsitck Snacks 150g (25g x 6pcs)


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150g corn sticks

This is a no-brand corn stick, a corn snack that conveys the flavor and aroma of corn to your mouth. It is a corn snack containing 5.81% of corn, and it is salty, savory, and crispy. It is a snack that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or gender, and is perfect for snacks for adults. It consists of 6 bags of 25g each, so it is good for storage and carrying. Make a pleasant snack time with delicious corn sticks that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

This is a no-brand corn stick, a snack that properly contains the savory taste and aroma of corn. Enjoy a delicious corn stick that can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages because of its salty yet savory taste.