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[No Brand] Double Zipper Storage Bags (M) 45pcs


Double Zipper Bag Medium 20cmX25cm 45 sheets

This is a mid-size, no-brand double zip bag that plays a great role in the many moments when a zip bag is needed. The double zipper structure applied with ultrasonic method allows you to keep food fresh and safe. In addition, it is a suitable medium size of 20cmX25cm, so you can use it anywhere. It is perfect for storing food such as fruits, vegetables and snacks, as well as for storing wet items or other belongings. Experience a more tidy moment with a double zip bag that makes it easy to store and use.

It is a medium-sized no-brand double zip bag that can be used not only for food packaging but also for other multi-purpose bags. Keep it fresher with the double zipper applied with ultrasonic method.