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[No Brand] Fabric Softener 2.5L (Rose Temptation)


Fabric Softener Rose Tempation 2.5L

Rose Temptation, a no-brand fabric softener with a subtle reverberation. With a large capacity of 2.5L, you can use it for a long time with one purchase. The fragrance is not too strong, so it is not burdensome, and the subtleness and freshness of rose remain harmoniously with the fabric. Since you can conveniently measure with the lid, it will be more convenient if you measure it accurately and use it. Meet Rose Temptation, a fabric softener without worrying about quality or capacity.

Rose temptation, a fabric softener that spreads a rich rose scent. It prevents static electricity and softens the fabric after washing. The subtle reverberation remains for a long time, so try a good fabric softener.