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[No Brand] Potato Pancake Mix 200g


Easy potato pancake mix 200g

On a rainy day, there are times when I think of a golden potato pancake. You can easily make potato pancakes with one simple pancake mix without having to trim the ingredients and prepare dough. Pour water into the potato pancake mix, mix it evenly, and then bake it in a frying pan covered with cooking oil to complete the delicious potato pancake. It's crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and the natural savory taste of potatoes, so once you eat it, you'll keep thinking about it.

Jeon is one of the foods that take a lot of hand. You can enjoy delicious golden-colored potato pancakes with a simple potato pancake mix without having to trim ingredients and make dough. Put only water in the mix and bake it in a frying pan to complete the potato pancake.