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[No Brand] Watermelon Soda 350ml


350ml Watermelon soda

It is a no-brand Watermelon soda that refreshes the mood with the sweet taste of Watermelon. It is perfect for refreshing your mouth after eating fatty foods such as chicken and pizza thanks to the sparkling carbonate in your mouth. When you need a refreshment with Watermelon soda, which is easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere with plastic bottle packaging, when you need a refreshment, when you have a delicious meal, or when you finish a tiring day after work, you can do it anytime.

This is a no-brand Watermelon soda that combines the sweetness of Watermelon and the tangy refreshingness of sparkling water. The plastic bottle packaging makes it easy to store and carry, so keep it by your side and enjoy it whenever you need it.